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This is a private discussion group for the members of York Astronomical Society (YAS), founded in 1972 and became a Registered Charity (No. 1174488) in England and Wales in 2017. This group is only for the YAS Members and all messages are Moderated by a member of the Committee (usually within 24 hrs).

Any message sent to the group must comply with the following Mailing List Rules: (a) on the topic of astronomy; (b) has a relevant subject title; (c) be courteous (ie. not derogatory); (d) not ambiguous or simplistic (eg. single word); (e) anything else the committee deems fit (from time to time).

Any message that fails the above rules may be Rejected (eg. off-topic) or Deleted (eg. SPAM) at the discretion of the Moderator. To become a member of the Society, please visit our website: https://yorkastro.org.uk/how-to-join/

Created on  6/2/2021 (following YAS Committee Meeting on 3/2/2021)

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